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Generative ​AI Film ​Challenge ​2024

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an iPad Air

Frequently Asked Questions

Participation Process & ​Guidelines

Q1: How do I participate in the AI Film Challenge?

A1: Register on our website, pick a Shahrukh Khan movie universe, write a script, create a trailer, get ​feedback, make your AI movie, submit it for voting, and win prizes.

Q2: Can I get feedback on my script and trailer?

A2: Yes, we encourage discussions to get valuable feedback before finalizing your AI movie.

Q3: What format should the movie be in?

A3: The movie should be in a 9:16 portrait format, suitable for mobile. It can be in any form - animation, ​realistic video, images, etc.

Q4: What should be the duration of the film and trailer?

A4: Trailer: 1-2 minutes; Full movie: Minimum 12 minutes, with 20 minutes recommended. There's no cap ​on the maximum duration.

Q5: Does the film need to feature Shah Rukh Khan?

A5: Yes, featuring Shahrukh Khan is crucial for your film.

Prizes & Recognition

Q1: What are the prizes for the competition?

A1: Prizes include an iPad Air for the best movie, Apple EarPods for 10 runner-ups, and a pair of Apple ​AirPods for the most loved trailer.

Q2: What are the judging criteria for the Best Movie Award?

A2: Submissions are judged based on creativity, storytelling, technical skill, and theme adherence.

Target Audience & Purpose

Q1: Whom are we making this for?

A1. The film is targeted towards Indian adults.

Q2. Why are we hosting this competition?

We aim to redefine filmmaking for the future, using Bollywood characters in a manner similar to ​Marvel's Avengers.

Use of Technology & Tools

Q: Which AI tool can I use?

A. You can use any AI tool, but you need to define what tools you are using, such as RunwayML, ​MidJourney, ChatGPT, etc.

Creative Freedom & ​Storytelling

Q: What should be the story of the film?

A. The story is up to you. Be as creative and original as possible.

Support & Queries

Q1. Where can I go for any queries?

A. For questions, please email us at lab@creealed.com.

Q2: How can I trust this competition?

A. We are backed by top VC firms and the Bollywood film fraternity, and are part of a renowned ​publishing group.

For more information or other queries, feel free to reach out to us. Let's create something amazing ​together!

General Terms & Conditions

Q1: Are there specific terms and conditions?

A1: Yes, all rights are reserved, and general terms and conditions apply. Read these on our website for ​detailed information.

Q2: Can the deadline be extended?

A2: Cereal reserves the right to extend the deadline if necessary.

Q3: What happens if fewer than 100 projects are completed?

A3: Prizes are subject to a minimum of 100 completed projects. Adjustments may be made if fewer are ​received.

Legal & Copyright

Q1: Do I have the copyright on my work?

A1. Yes, ofcourse. You have full right over your copyright.

Q2: Will my submission be posted on social media?

A2: Cereal reserves the right to publish submissions on social media, but creators retain copyright ​ownership.

Q3: Can I use my work elsewhere?

A3. After 1 year from the submission date, you can share your work publicly.

Got more questions? Feel free to contact us for more information.